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ee melbourne18

Giraffes galloping.


ee melbourne29

Television journalism-ing, like her aunt.

ee melbourne13

Bela luta.

ee melbourne32

Cormac in his window seat.

ee melbourne33

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ee melbourne11

Cormac bought a ray gun with the birthday money his aunt gave him.. so that’s how my passive-aggressive toy gun ban went down in Melbourne.

ee melbourne12

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The two kids and I just had a holiday in Melbourne staying with my brother and his partner in their lovely Melbourne warehouse apartment.

Hide and seek – Cormac looking for his sister. Yes, it is rather a huge apartment isn’t it?

ee melbourne2

Not in the garden.

ee melbourne3

ee melbourne10

Searching up the ladder to the third floor.

ee melbourne5

I spy me.

ee melbourne8

ee melbourne27

Board game to celebrate finding his sister.

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My latest column for Fairfax newspapers is here:

Go ahead and brainwash your baby. There are few enough privileges as a parent, you might as well seize this one. If you want to change the world and make it a less sexist place then this little human sponge of yours is the best chance you’ve got. Because truth is, the world is going to try to brainwash your baby right back. I’m wary of anyone being too prescriptive about either parenting or feminism these days, I’ve made my share of compromises with both, and I’m not much interested in perfectionism. But in case you’re after a starting point with anti-sexist parenting then here’s three general tips from my own experience.

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I went with the kids to stay at the beach on the weekend with our friends at their beach house. I don’t think I’ve ever arrived anywhere more worn out.

At one point my friend took my daughter to the shops with her while her teenage son took my four year old boy to play outside with him. I sat in front of a window, all by myself, looking out over the sea thinking I will just have a minute to take in the view and then I will finish reading this book I am reviewing. Two hours later I finally looked down from the sea to find the book in my lap.

ac sea1

Cormac on the beach in the evening being very pensive.

ac sea2

My friend’s teenage son helping Cormac cross the channel. It was deeper than we expected.

ac sea5

Watching all the children swimming in the sea from my friend’s beach house verandah.

ac sea8

Lauca and my friend’s daughter boogie boarding together.

ac sea4

Horses in the sea.

ac sea6

Cormac and one of our friends.

ac sea3

Lauca learning to make twine as a form of active meditation. Yes.. that didn’t come from stressed out me.. that little intervention came from one of our friends. He’s Aboriginal and he taught her how to make a traditional form of string.

ac sea7




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I met up with Cristy (two peas no pod, Larvatus Prodeo etc) and her children last weekend at the beach.  We worked out we’ve been following one another’s blogging and writing for over eight years now .. and we’ve finally met in person.

Of course we got along like a house on fire. Our kids did too.

bc beach

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ad walkd2

ad walk


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At GOMA with the four year old, Cormac, and his sister.

ac goma1

(Young children make surprisingly good company at art galleries, especially for viewing contemporary art.. because this).

ac goma2

ac goma3

ac goma4

ab goma4

ac goma5

ac goma6

ac goma7

ac goma10

ac goma11

ac goma12

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Cricket lesson from his uncle.

ab cricket lesson2

Spot the ball.

ab cricket lesson

ab treeclimb

The camping trip.

ab camping

Reading Superman comics with friends.

ab superman comic

ab swimming

At the sea with my family.

ab beach with nannie

One mother is very sun smart with their child and one mother is not.

ab swimming cousins

Also in the last days of 2013:

* all my vegetable and herb gardens were either weeded, mulched and/or replanted.. or all three

* cooked a lot of new recipes including being taught by a French friend how to make his region’s dessert, boulegou

* was told by that French friend that my children are the quietest and most polite children he has has met in nearly six months of travelling (possibly my proudest achievement of the year)

* had some of my favourite conversations of the whole year in the last weeks of 2013

* friends and family provided me with a soft landing, including several Skype-ing me from overseas, like the darlings that they are

* saw a lot of shooting stars while camping with a friend… and that is surely a good omen for the year ahead.

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This year Christmas has been a somewhat strange and difficult time for me but it has also been delightful, as strange and difficult things often turn out to be. I missed the children a bundle when they left half-way through to go to their father’s but then I admit I haven’t missed dealing with over-tired children on Boxing Day. Christmas has been more organic this year, more spontaneous – friends folded in with family across the events and small nice things happened unexpectedly.

I took a punt on things this Christmas, including recipes, and it all turned out a success.

aa boys

Cormac and his baby cousin with the cat.

aa guitarlesson bw

Cormac being taught to play Gainsbourg by a French friend.

aa the dark bw

The Dark by Lemony Snicket.

aa monopoly

Christmas Eve game of monopoly.

aa dinnerparty

Pre-Christmas dinner party with friends at my house.

aa xmas breakfast

Christmas breakfast.

aa old cubans

Making Old Cubans on Christmas night. Man, I make a good cocktail, you can give me that.

(Christmas photo-blogging in previous years: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here).

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