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One day you’re cleaning up your kids’ rooms while they’re away at their father’s and among their piles of mess you come across a list the two of them made and.. oof.. if you don’t just ache with longing for them then.


Writing lists about one’s family members is hereditary, apparently.

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1. Went to the art gallery the other day with my kids and I kicked it off with a joyful little sermon before leaving about how I would not be buying any food at exorbitant gallery prices and that we would be there for the long haul, touring two galleries and to take some responsibility for themselves because enough already. And you know what? They then cooked and prepared their own picnic of healthy snacks to take with them and were the talk of effing Gallery of Modern Art with their little check-in bento stack. And if I then did not bask in parental pride like I was the goddamn business.

2. Cormac, aged 6yrs: Mum are you broke at the moment?
Me: A bit, yes.
Cormac: That’s a bit suspicious, isn’t it?
Me: Why?
Cormac (smirking): I think you bought the Santa presents.

3. Oh the serenity in the evening of kids restrained from computers, suddenly let loose on screens.

4. Beautiful observation from Lauca, my 10 yr old daughter who lives half time at her dad’s house which is multi-generational and includes her 98 yr old grandmother – “She doesn’t really keep time with time anymore”.

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Cormac’s (age 6) inner demons bookmark for me.

The sketch I found in Lauca’s (age 10) bed.


The boyfriend leaves love notes for me.



Lauca’s quick sketches.




His first drawing for me.


When he drew for Cormac.



When he drew for Lauca.


When he quickly sketched me.





Cormac draws mythical creatures.


And foxes with anxiety.11939660_511054785735007_766073223_n



He said this is a Japanese female warrior.



Lauca’s drawings.




My old life drawings get frames.


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I do not say to my daughter that I think there is chicken stock in the vegetable soup and chicken salt on the chips we ordered. She is eating them gratefully, but this is a small town. Too small for vegetarians.

I do not say to him how much are you reminded of your honeymoon with your ex on this trip.

I do not say please take the children for a walk, please make them shower and organise their meals and break up their fights. Because these are my children, not his. And he is already doing so much.  I do not say, please, I just need some quiet time alone.

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A selection from my Instagram.


















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Home-made gifts (I know, ok).

a xmas1

Ottolenghi recipes (I know, ok).

a xmas4

Uncles helping with Lego gift assembly.

a xmas3

And robot kit assembly.

a xmas6

And other uncles winning board games.

a xmas7

Previous posts on what December looks like in my world here.

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1. This morning was perfect: the six year old crawled into my bed first thing, as he generally does for a cuddle when I’m awake but sorta meditating but sorta just thinking because I’m not good at meditation, and then he fell asleep against me.. and so this morning was even better because after I’d basked in the sweetness of him sleeping I got up and the ten year old and I had breakfast as just us, and we talked about nearly everything, in the kind of way that you can only do as two people together.

2. Cormac, the five year old making sense of his good fortune when his health-conscious mother bought him McDonald’s fries on today’s road trip – “Mum it’s ok because a) you were really, really hungry, b) there weren’t many other options, c) you didn’t want complaining kids all the way home and d) you just …couldn’t help it”. (Am not as judgey as Cormac makes me sound. I love hot chips).

3. The ten year old, Lauca, who comes from politically obsessed Labor families on both sides confessed to secretly testing herself on the voting compass. Me: really? Did you manage to understand the policy trade-offs being asked? Her: I think so. (Guilty expression). But I came out more a Greens voter. Me: We all do.

4. Cormac (age 5): When I grow up I’m going to be a parent who stays home with the baby.

Me: Really?

C: Actually no. My partner will look after the baby.

Me: What will you do?

C: Go to Bunnings and pick up some stuff.

Lauca (age 9): Have you asked your partner about that?

C: I haven’t met her yet.

L: Good luck making that relationship last.

5. Tucked Lauca, the nine year old into bed. Asked her what’s this latest book she’s been reading all night. Siblings Without Rivalry. A parenting book I bought and meant to read ages ago. “It has some good ideas but I don’t know how much you’ll find they can apply to Cormac and I”, she said.

6. Cormac lost his second tooth tonight and is insisting on cleaning it with toothpaste before putting it out for the tooth fairy. Never too late to fake cleaning your teeth regularly.

7. Me: Cormac, go and clean your teeth. Cormac: All you are about is cleaning teeth and looking pretty.

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