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Just two posts ago I was talking about when feminists, women you take to be your allies, go proudly proclaiming their hatred of children. Yeah, you don’t want children, right behind you, ok you don’t want to hang with children either, supporting you all the way, but hate? It is a crying shame when you see a feminist playing with bigotry, a feminist trotting out some of the most ridiculously judgemental statements you’ve ever heard, and at the expense of other women no less.

But right away another example popped up. This.

Helen Razer, a feminist journalist in Australia whose work I otherwise like has written an unpleasant little piece here for New Matilda, which is being merrily cheered on by some unpleasant little comments. And I do mean unpleasant -you gotta wonder about your choice of topic when you get a bunch of nods from racists and fat haters. You lay down with dogs..

As you probably know, a supermarket is a favourite location for child haters and mother blamers. Ms Razer, on a recent shopping expedition, has it in for the mother and child shopping there long before the mother rewards her with a moment ripe for moral indignation. Ms Razer doesn’t like the way this particular mother smiles. And she has plenty of  irritation left for the baby, who, for being fussy during a shopping trip earns the pet names “Satan’s spawn”, “vile” and “Lucifer” from Razer.

WARNING: There are now some comments which follow this post that contain some seriously ugly misogyny aimed at mothers. As a general rule abusive comments will be deleted from this site, but I’ve kept these here because of their relevance to the topic I’m posting on. They’re perfect examples. Don’t read on if you think you might find such misogyny upsetting.

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