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From the wonderful Harriet’s Daughter.

Would more black women like their natural hair? Would more white women stop asking if they can touch it?

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Because naming your child in an act of hate mongering is quite the handicap for a kid to carry through life. Oh the irony of white supremacists, always very much the non-supreme people.

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White Ribbon Day is the annual International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. The most revolting aspect of violence against women, even more revolting than its sheer frequency (did you catch that statistic in the video above?) is the way violence against women is ignored.

One of the worst experiences in my life was an evening I was in the city to meet a friend for drinks and I saw a heavily pregnant woman chased out into a busy intersection by a man who then punched her to the ground and commenced kicking her. Cars continued through the intersection, in fact they drove around the assault. I was the only person to yell out for the man to stop and I was the only person to run out on to the road to that woman’s aid. I was lucky, the man fled when I confronted him. I helped the woman off the road and when she was comfortable to walk I took her to a police station*, only to see her dismissed and ridiculed for making a complaint against her partner. Oh, did I mention that she was Aboriginal? (Her partner was white).

* The police are improving though.

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